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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hooked on Bottles of Hope

Le Chat Noir by Sandra Mitchell  

Guardian of the Sea by Sandra Mitchell


The Pink Slippers by Vickie Turner

That's it! I'm hooked! These teeny tiny bottles are decorated by polymer clay artists and donated to hospitals to distribute to cancer patients, small messages of encouragement and support tucked inside. They are evidence of compassion and empathy in a world where people are more disconnected and isolated than ever by the techno-crap that clutters their lives - concrete evidence that someone who doesn't even know who the patient is cares enough about what they are going through to spend time, thought and creative energy to show their support and encouragement. So you feel really good making them and giving them, knowing (from reports received back from clinics and hospitals) that these miniature works of art are appreciated and cherished. You start making one, then the muse takes over and you find yourself irresistably pulled to the next little bottle.....then an idea springs up as you are finishing that one and you move to the next .........and onward. They really are addictive to make, wonderful to hold and absorb you as you study their details. What will you do next? A miniature fairy tale scene? Evoke an era rich with visual imagery? Make a statement? Create a creature that protects its holder? So many directions it can take - wait! Maybe clowns! Maybe the circus! Maybe a renaissance jester.......or a knight........or a mermaid...........or........