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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Paint Abstract - 4

I need to add more colour and different colour. Not sure where to go. I'm not feeling on good terms with colour right now, probably gestating new colour relationships! This is such a complex composition I would be better off sticking with minimal colour, but I need to push colour around because the warm yellow/red has become a little too safe. The movement in this painting has been going in from the lower left, up the rung on the left to the circular upper right, down the right, sweeping over to the lower middle and right out of the painting in the lower left. To stop the eye from leaving, I need to deepen the value in the lower left, using light colour to move the eye back up into the middle left so it can start the journey all over again.

Below is the result. Not happy with the colour choice but that can still be modified. I can see that I need to make the lights move a little more prominently up from the lower middle to the middle left.

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