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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Touch of the Orient - "Sonchou" - V. Turner Collage

Their is a silent connection between Scandinavia and Oriental cultures. Both love simple lines and uncluttered detail. They also appreciate wood, especially teak. When it comes to art, however, that's a different story. Check out Hokusai and Edvard Munch!

I've always loved the fact that it doesn't take much to suggest either culture - rice paper, bamboo, cranes for the one or fjords, mist, boats for the other.

I find that trying to capture an oriental feeling in art is a peaceful process. Maybe that says a lot for it's appeal for me.

With great respect:
Sonchou - V. Turner

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  1. Vickie - I am not surprised to see that you have developed even further with your talents. You and Peter are to be congratulated! Well done! Why did you move so far away though? Any chance that you would be coming back to the West Coast? You are missed here very much. Hugs, Helene