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Monday, August 24, 2015

Whatever Happened to the Woman in 34? V.Turner Collage

How does the creative process flow? One piece catches your eye and the rest fall into place.

I start with a background piece then add on top of it.You could also start with a painted background, but at the moment I'm enjoying going through all my treasured paper.

Pieces are then selected and immediately placed on the "base" (I don't lay things out on the canvas or wood panel that will be the final support. Instead, I lay out on a piece of printmaking paper cut the same size as the support. This makes it easy to lay a mat, cut to the same size, on top of the papers to see how it will look without rough or overhanging edges. This way I can lay papers down without tearing or cutting them up until I make the decision of whether or not to use that particular piece.)
Placing things quickly lets the right brain play in a process that could so easily be dominated by the left. I still retain the option of moving pieces around, but a general relationship between pieces gets put down.
Initial layout: colour is off because this was photographed in fluorescent light on my worktable
If I run into difficulty deciding on the choice or placement of the final pieces I start to glue down what I have and wait til these are in place before choosing the final papers. If I don't do that, I have a tendency to start changing everything around! You know how it is - change one stroke or colour and you have to change other things because the relationships have changed. With collage, I make the last changes work with what is already established. I know I can move on to the next collage and arrange things the way I would have re-arranged the prior piece and segue into a series! Cool!

finished piece
A little too much glare on this shot. I'm still not sure about the placement of the three red pieces. I feel the should perhaps be about 3" to the left. 
What do you think?

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